Male Infertility: What You Should Know

Posted on : Apr 05, 2017


  • Worldwide estimates say that more than 15% of couples are affected by male infertility
  • The cause of infertility in unknown in almost 24% people who belong to this segment
  • Diseases and disorders like Varicoceles (enlargement of the veins on a man’s testicles); diabetes; cystic fibrosis, trauma, infection and testicular failure are some of the main reasons for infertility
  • Chemotherapy, exposure to radiation, heavy drinking and smoking can also cause infertility.
  • Infertility in men can be evaluated through semen analysis, which assesses the number of sperm (concentration), motility (movement), and morphology (shape).
  • A slightly abnormality in the semen analysis does not mean that a man is infertile.
  • A detailed evaluation should be done after consulting a Urologist.
  • The treatment manage infertility includes medical, surgical and assisted reproduction modes, depending on the underlying cause .
  • Medical and surgical treatment for infertility including procedures for sperm retrieval is managed by a Urologist/ Andrologist.
  • If there is a hormone-related issue (complex endocrine abnormalities) that’s detected in the primary evaluation, an Endocrinologist too will be involved in the treatment.
  • In most of the cases, infertility can be treated effectively with the help of consistent treatment and advanced medical technology .

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