Podiatry Is Not Only For Diabetic Foot

by Dr. Ananthakrishna Bhat V

What is Podiatry?

In healthcare, foot health often remains overlooked until complications arise. Similar to diabetic foot, there are various foot and ankle issues that Aster Medcity’s Podiatry Department addresses and excels in. In case you were unaware, here is an overview of a few services we provide:

Management and treatment of Podiatry

1. Acute & chronic pain management: From general foot pain to neuropathic discomfort, we specialize in diagnosing and alleviating various pain conditions for optimal comfort.

2. Corn/ Callus/ Callosity treatment: You can kick away foot issues like corn and callus that are caused by ill footwear with expert care tailored at Aster. We help you restore optimal foot health.

3. Ingrown toenail/ Nail deformity/ Nail trimming: Whether it's ingrown toenails or nail deformities, our team is equipped to ensure you have healthy, infection-free nails.

4. Treatment of Fungal Infection & Hard Cracked Skin: With specialized treatment options available at Medcity, you can easily treat infections and cracked skin.

5. Anodyne treatment for pain management: Patients who are suffering from chronic pain often find relief through Anodyne treatment. This therapy uses infrared light to target affected areas, enhance blood flow, and promote natural healing processes.

6. Varicose vein ulcer treatment: Here at Aster Medcity, we provide advanced treatments that target the dysfunctional veins to improve blood flow and reduce pressure on the affected area. Our doctors also provide advice on lifestyle changes that can boost the healing process and prevent recurrences.

7. Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease: With expertise at Aster Medcity, you can easily manage symptoms and improve artery health. Our supportive therapy helps you directly manage peripheral artery disease.

8. Foot & Ankle Reconstructive Surgery: May it be overgrown tissues, broken bones,, or painful joints, our skilled surgeons can address complex foot and ankle conditions of patients with reconstructive surgery and skin grafts.

9. Comprehensive Wound Care Management: Our team comprises various specialists who will provide advice, therapy, and treatments for both acute and chronic wounds. 

10. Outpatient Dressing services: Dressing wounds is an important factor for healing. Here at Aster Medcity, we offer outpatient dressing services for proper wound management and monitoring so you can rest assured. 

Not just these, Aster Medcity’s Podiatry Department includes the best Podiatry Surgeons, Foot & Ankle surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, Plastic Surgeons, Endocrinologists, and Physiotherapists who are equipped to handle a wide range of foot and ankle problems, including injuries, deformities, infections, and chronic conditions.

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