Chronic Pain Services

by Dr. Raghavendra Ramanjulu

In this video, Dr. Raghavendra Ramanjulu (Lead Consultant - Palliative Medicine & Rehabilitation) talks about Chronic Pain Services. He shares insights about conditions that are considered as chronic pain and when must one consult an expert. To know more about Chronic Pain Services, watch the full video!

Dr. Raghavendra Ramanjulu is Lead Consultant - Palliative Medicine & Rehabilitation at Aster Hospitals, Bangalore. His areas of special interest are Complex Interactable Symptom Management, Interdisciplinary Pain management, Interventional Pain Management, Palliative Rehabilitation, End of Life care, Extended care at home.

To consult with Dr. Raghavendra Ramanjulu, Book an appointment online or call us on: 080 6604 0400

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