Golden hour in Stroke Treatment

by Dr. Sowmya. M

Posted on : Jan 16, 2024


In observance of World Stroke Day, Dr. Sowmya M, Senior Consultant in Neurology at Aster RV Hospital, sheds light on the crucial "Golden Hour" in Stroke Treatment.

Dr. Sowmya, a Senior Consultant Neurologist at Aster RV Hospital in JP Nagar, Bangalore, elucidates on the significance of the Golden Hour in stroke treatment. Although stroke is a common medical emergency, not everyone seeks immediate medical care. The intravenous clot-busting injection is a crucial medication that breaks down blood clots, restoring blood flow to the brain and preventing further damage.

There exists a golden hour or a critical window period during which the medication needs to be administered as swiftly as possible, ideally within three to four hours of the onset of the stroke. Beyond this timeframe, irreversible brain damage may occur, rendering the treatment less effective. This period, termed the golden hour, begins when the patient arrives at the hospital and the treatment is initiated.

Doctors must promptly evaluate and ensure swift administration of medication. The limited time window is crucial, as delays can result in irreversible brain damage and disability. Public awareness about recognizing the signs of a stroke is imperative. If a stroke is suspected, the patient should be promptly taken to a stroke-ready hospital.

Aster RV Hospital's Neurology Department is well-equipped with advanced facilities for comprehensive stroke management, including imaging, intravenous thrombolysis, and mechanical thrombectomy. Increased awareness is essential to encourage people to recognize the signs of a stroke and promptly utilize available facilities for optimal treatment outcomes.

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