What causes migraines?

by Dr. Sowmya. M

Posted on : Jan 17, 2024


How lifestyle modifications can help people with migraines?

Dr. Sowmya, an esteemed Senior Consultant in Neurology, provides valuable insights into the realm of migraines. In this comprehensive session, Dr. Sowmya delves into the intricate aspects of triggers, lifestyle factors, and habitual influences that contribute to migraines. Join us for a thorough exploration of vital information that can empower individuals to manage and comprehend this complex neurological condition.

When it comes to the treatment of migraines, lifestyle modifications play a crucial role. Before discussing medications, we always engage in conversations with our patients about triggers and habitual lifestyle habits. Migraine triggers vary and can include sleep disturbances, skipping meals, fasting, exposure to sunlight, strong sounds, smells, mental and physical stress, as well as excessive coffee intake, alcohol, and smoking.

When considering lifestyle modifications for managing migraines, it's important to acknowledge that migraines are a chronic condition, and relying solely on medications may not be a sustainable solution. Incorporating key lifestyle changes is crucial. Firstly, prioritize regular and adequate sleep, aiming for 6 to 8 hours nightly, establishing consistent sleep habits, and practicing good sleep hygiene.

Diet plays a significant role, so it's advisable to identify and avoid dietary triggers while maintaining regular meal intervals. For those prone to obesity, engaging in regular physical activity and exercise is beneficial. Lifestyle adjustments also encompass steering clear of smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and moderating caffeine consumption, as excessive caffeine can act as a trigger.

Consideration should also be given to overall health, addressing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac issues. Achieving balance in diet, sleep, and exercise is essential. Additionally, managing mental stressors is paramount. While stress is inevitable, learning effective stress management skills is advised. Techniques such as relaxation, meditation, and yoga can be seamlessly integrated into daily life, offering substantial control not only over migraines but also over various ailments triggered by stress. Establishing a holistic and positive lifestyle routine can significantly reduce the frequency of migraine headaches.