Know all about H3N2 Flu Infection

by Dr. Sindhu M.V.

Dr. Sindhu MV, a renowned consultant in the field of Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care, provides valuable insights into the H3N2 infection. She enlightens us on various aspects such as its nature, transmission, symptoms, indications for hospitalisation, diagnostic approaches, treatment options, availability of a vaccine, and preventive measures, and invites everyone to visit the Aster RV Hospital for more information and expert care.  

Watch the full video to know more.

Dr an experienced Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Intensivist at Aster RV, Bangalore. She caters to sick children less than 18 years. At Aster RV Hospital, Dr Sindhu is available in the OPD for vaccination, General Paediatric consultation for problems such as cough and cold, fever, gastroenteritis, growth and nutrition and other routine problems in children under 18 years age.

To consult a paediatrician in Bangalore, book an appointment online or call : 080-6604-0400

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