Parkinson's disease

by Dr. Sreekanta Swamy

Explore the world of Parkinson’s disease with insights from Dr. Sreekanta Swamy, Lead Senior Consultant in Neurology. Gain a comprehensive understanding of its causes, symptoms, and available treatments.  Dr also explains that Parkinson's Disease is a progressive disease that is increasing day by day. He also informs the main symtoms of Parkinson disease. Slow in the daily activities, shaking of hands, Everything becomes slow  overtime ,tendency to fall or loose balance,low voice and later memory imparement. Most of the all the routine investigations are normal and depends on what the Doctor sees and examines. The treatments for this Parkinson are controllable not curabe. Drugs can control the symtoms , and proper medications make the patients life easy and comfortable. Aster RV do have DBS  facilities. Everyone should be aware of the symtoms, make use of facilities and drugs available

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