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Dr. Vachan S Hukkeri_Aster CMI Hospital

Dr. Vachan S Hukkeri

Consultant - Liver Transplant and HPB Surgery

MBBS, MS General surgery, DNB Surgical Gastroenterology, Fellowship in Liver Transplant and HPB Surgery

Dr. Hukkeri has amassed a wealth of clinical experience over the span of 14 years, during which he has demonstrated exemplary proficiency in general surgery. However, his true passion and calling lie in the intricate and highly specialized realm of Liver Transplantation and Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Surgery. With a dedicated focus of over 10 years in this niche field, he has become a stalwart in the domain, earning recognition for his surgical skills and commitment to patient care.

A cornerstone of Dr. Hukkeri's expertise lies in liver transplantation, where he has played a pivotal role in performing more than 1200 liver transplants. His repertoire includes both Cadaveric and Living Donor procedures, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in these life-saving surgeries. Beyond liver transplants, he has undertaken innumerable HPB surgeries, further establishing his proficiency in addressing a spectrum of hepatic, pancreatic, and biliary disorders.

Dr. Hukkeri's specialization extends to encompass both Adult and Pediatric Liver Transplant surgery, highlighting his versatility in catering to patients of all age groups. This dual expertise underscores his commitment to providing tailored and age-appropriate surgical interventions, ensuring optimal outcomes for a diverse patient population.

Having traversed through various stages of his career, Dr. Hukkeri has left an indelible mark in the healthcare landscape of the country. His journey includes serving as a Consultant Liver Transplant Surgeon in some of the most reputed medical institutions in Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad. In these capacities, he has not only contributed to the successful execution of complex surgical procedures but has also been actively involved in the mentorship and training of medical professionals, shaping the future of liver transplantation.

Dr. Hukkeri's contributions extend beyond the operating room; he is a beacon of knowledge and innovation in the field. His commitment to advancing liver transplant surgery is evident in his involvement in research, publications, and staying abreast of the latest developments in the medical landscape. His continuous pursuit of excellence reflects in the positive outcomes and improved quality of life for the patients under his care.

Area of expertise

•    Liver Transplant Surgery (Living Donor and Cadaver)
•    Paediatric Liver Transplant
•    Surgery for portal Hypertension
•    Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery
•    Surgery for benign and malignant diseases of Liver, Pancreas and Biliary system.

Awards and recognitions

Conference Faculty:

  • Centre of Liver and Biliary Sciences conference 2021.
  • Indian Society for Organ Transplantation 2023.
  • International Living Donor Liver Transplant & Indian Society of Liver Transplantation 2023.
  • Multiple national and international presentations and papers.
  • IHPBA, Bangalore 2016: award presentation on "Role of portal pressure measurement in LDLT"
  • ILTS 2018 Portugal: Video presentation about "Techniques of back benching in LDLT".
  • KSC ASICON 2023: MAHADEVAN AWARD PAPER for : "Techniques of Paediatric Liver Transplant"


  • Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)
  • Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (IASG)
  • Indian Society of Organ Transplantation (ISOT)
  • Liver Transplantation Society Of India (LTSI)


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  • Vachan S. Hukkeri, Subhash Mishra, Md. Qaleem, Satyaprakash Jindal, Ramesh Aggarwal, Vivek Choudhary, Deepak Govil; Minimizing locoregional recurrences in colorectal cancer surgery. Apollo Journal of Medicine 12 (Sept 2015) 185–188 
  • Arun Prasad, Ramesh Kumar Aggarwal, Abhishek Tiwari, Vachan S. Hukkeri; Robotic-assisted hiatal hernia surgery with the da Vinci system: A 2-year experience in a single institution. Apollo Medicine, June 2015 Vol. 12, Issue 2, p112–114
  • Vachan Subhash Hukkeri, Deepak Govil; Robotic colorectal surgery: Technique, advantages, disadvantages and its impact in today's era of minimal access surgery. Apollo Medicine, June 2015 Vol. 12, Issue 2, p77–81
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  • Vachan S. Hukkeri, Mohd. Qaleem, Subhash Mishra, Ramesh Aggarwal, Vivek Choudhary, Deepak Govil; Jejunal diverticula: A diagnostic challenge; Apollo Medicine, Dec 2015 Vol. 12, S26
  • Vachan S. Hukkeri, Satyaprakash Jindal, Mohd. Qaleem, Vivek Tandon, Deepak Govil; Robotic transhiatal excision of epiphrenic diverticula; Journal of Robotic surgery. May 2016 (doi:10. 1007/ s11701-016-0595-7)
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  • Robotic repair of parahiatal hernia with gastric volvulus. Satyaprakash Jindal, Vachan S Hukkeri, Vivek Tandon, Deepak Govil, Apollo Medicine 13 (2016) 235–238 
  • Adithya G.K., Satya Prakash Jindal, Varun Madaan, Vachan Hukkeri, Rigved Gupta, Vivek Tandon, Deepak Govil . "Feasibility of Laparoscopic Intraoperative Cholangiogram in Patients with Intermediate Risk for Choledocholithiasis" J Evid Based Med Healthc, Vol. 8 / Issue 02 / Jan. 11, 2021 
  • Chapters in Book: "Benign colorectal surgery" in the -Textbook of Robotic Surgery.

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