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Dr. Sudheer K A

Consultant - Neonatology & Paediatrics

MBBS, MD, DNB (Neonatology)

He is the qualified Neonatologist at Aster CMI Hospital with a vision and mission to establish the best Level 3 Neonatal ICU, practising exclusive neonatology giving 24x7 fulltime individualized neonatal care for all the ailments under one roof. Dr.Sudheer is a young dynamic doctor for whom NICU is the first home and newborn care is a passion under whom the neonates care like a guest with utmost gentleness and love. He is a dedicated Neonatologist who is instrumental in training and supervising the nursing staff so that sickest and the tiniest of preterm babies graduate from PTH NICU with a good outcome. He brings with him the experience of evidence-based neonatal practice from various prestigious institutes and humble behaviour which he blends well to build the best Level 3 neonatal unit PTH.

He along with eminent and senior superspecialists in various department like Paediatric Surgery, Cardiologist, Neurologist and Neurosurgeon, Ophthalmologist, radiologist, ENT surgeon, Maxillofacial, have built a dedicated team caring for all the morbidity related to sick neonates. It is truly a Level 3 care with a goal of timely intervention and high success.

The Level 3 NICU Under His Supervision Is Credited With -

  • Survival of extremely premature twins ( below 1000gms) with good postnatal neurodevelopmental outcome.
  • The unit cares sick neonates following neonatal surgeries for CDH, TEF repair, anorectal malformation, mid-gut volvulus, congenital megacolon etc with good outcome.

He is strong believer of the quotation Time lost is never found again .He preaches and practices Golden minute intervention ( timely intervention) and evidence based neonatal practice as a path for better neonatal outcome.He also believes and endorse that the trained dedicated nursing team is success foundation stone for best neonatal unit.

Area of expertise
  • Non-invasive ventilation as primary mode of therapy.
  • Volume targeted ventilation and High frequency ventilation.
  • Parentral nutrition
  • Neonatal transport


  • To establish Perinatal regional centre (Team of emergency high risk obstretics , fetal medicine , Neonatologist,Pediatric surgeon , neonatal transport team with well trained nursing staff).
  • To establish Neonatal transport team for delivering timely care and intervention.
  • To create awareness about the importance of trained neonatal nursing staff and establish training centre for same goal.
  • To be a part of research activities related to neonatal medicine.