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Dr Loganathan

Dr. Loganathan Venkatachalam


MBBS, MD(Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

A seasoned professional with 30 years of rich & qualitative experience in Medical Consultation, Clinical Management, Teaching & Mentoring and Research & Development.Demonstrated abilities in handling Spasticity Stroke rehabilitation Patients.Skillful management in pain related to either due to spasticity or musculoskeletal causes.Deft in carrying out test, monitoring results & advising the right treatments to the patients.Expert in handling difficult cases, studying the case history & finding out medical solutions.Quality exposure in handling the administration functions in a hospital thereby attaining high patient satisfaction.Experience of facilitating/coaching students by using interactive discussions and "hands-on" approaches to help students learn and apply concepts in subjects,Adept in diagnosing Illnesses and prescribing and administrating appropriate treatment/ medication for various ailments or diseases. Experience in handling in/outpatients.Honed with excellent leadership, interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving skills,As researcher published original articles in indexed journals and Expert scientific reviewer in evaluating proposals submit to medical research centre (Hamad Medical corporation, Qatar) routine and internal grant cycle schemes in Hamad Medical Corporation Expertise opinion offered to committee of fitness to license in Ministry of public health, Qatar.

Doctor of Medicine (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) from, Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai in 2011.Diploma (Physical Medicine) from Madras Medical College Hospital, Chennai, Madras University in 1987,MBBS from Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai, Madras University in 1979.


    Publications and Blogs

    • Venkatachalm L, Georgievski AB, Al Yazeedi W, Singh R.Garrido HU (2008)
    • Length of Stay in Inpatient Rehabilitation after Stroke in Qatar
    • The Scientific World Journal: Child Health and Human Development 8, 547-555. DOI 10.1100/tsw.2008.81
    • Gait and mental functions after brain injury A. Bobinar-Georgievski L.venkatachalam, W.Al Yazeedi A. Bobinac-Georgievski
    • L.venkatachalam. W.Al Yazeedi February 2008 Parkinsonism & Related Disorders 14(1)
    • Al Yazeedi W, Venkatachaim L. Georgievski AB (2009) Onychomyosis with Thyroid dysfunction after traumatic brain injury
    • International journal of Disability and Human Development, December 2009; 8 (4), 435-438
    • Al Yazeedi W, Venkatachalm L, Georgievski AB (2010) Factors influencing functional outcome after traumatic brain injury
    • Qatar Medical journal, June 2010 vol19 (1) 11-16
    • Loganathan Venkatachalam, Wafa Al Yazeedi, Linsha Anne George, Predictors of the length of stay of inpatients in Rehabilitation Setting after traumatic spinal cord injury Jul 2012


    Area of expertise
    • Rehabilitation management of Stroke, acquired or Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, Musculoskeletal disorder as well chronic illness.
    • Spasticity management by administering Botox.
    • Chronic pain management by administering intra articular injection by ultrasound guided procedure
    • Awaking from unconscious patients by utilising medication as well sensory stimulating modalities
    • Educating self intermittent urinary catheterization to spinal cord injury patient as well time void program training to neurogenic bladder and bowel of stroke & brain injury patients
    • Prescription of appropriate orthoses or splints to patients who need correction or maintaining position of foot and hand after acute or chronic illness patients

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