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Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to diagnose and treat various knee joint conditions. During the procedure, a small camera, called an arthroscope, is inserted through small incisions around the knee joint. This allows the surgeon to visualize the inside of the joint on a monitor, providing a clear view of the structures such as the cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.


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What is knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that employs a small camera and specialized instruments to diagnose and treat various knee conditions. It is commonly utilized for issues such as meniscal tears, ligament injuries, and cartilage damage.

How is knee arthroscopy performed?

Knee arthroscopy involves making small incisions through which an arthroscope is inserted to visualize the internal structures of the knee. Specialized instruments are then used to repair or remove damaged tissues, enabling a faster recovery compared to traditional open surgery.

What is the typical recovery period for knee arthroscopy?

Recovery duration varies based on the complexity of the procedure and individual factors. Generally, patients can resume normal activities within a few weeks, with physical therapy playing a crucial role in restoring knee function and strength.

What knee conditions can be addressed with arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is suitable for treating a range of conditions, including meniscal tears, ligament injuries like ACL tears, cartilage damage, and synovitis. The procedure allows for both diagnostic assessment and therapeutic interventions.

What are the advantages of knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy offers several advantages, including smaller incisions, reduced scarring, faster recovery times, and less postoperative pain compared to open knee surgery. The minimally invasive approach allows for targeted treatment of specific issues within the knee joint.

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