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Services Offered

Services Offered
Pre–anaesthesia / Pre-surgery check-up and optimisation
Anaesthesia for all types of surgeries and procedures

Advanced airway management

Pre- and post-operative pain management

Epidural analgesia after surgery & labour analgesia

Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks for pain management

Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS)

Advanced vascular access

Chronic pain management

Initiation of life support services

The team brings evidence-based practice into the operating room and provides services for all kinds of routine and specialised surgery. The specialised surgeries for which anaesthesia services are currently offered include:

General surgery and minimal access surgery (Laparoscopic surgery)

Neurosurgery (using neuronavigation & Intraoperative MRI)

Spine surgery

Orthopaedic surgery & joint replacement surgery

Urology & andrology

Hepato-biliary surgery


Robotic arms assisted surgery

Bariatric surgery

Paediatric surgery

Obstetrics & gynaecological surgery

Cardiac surgery

Plastic surgery, ENT surgery, vascular surgery

Organ transplant surgery

All the above surgeries are performed in the ultra-modern operation theatres which are equipped with dedicated monitoring devices with central monitoring facility, multi-parameter monitoring for invasive pressures, HR, ECG, SPO2, capnography, temperature, neuromuscular monitoring, BIS monitors for ensuring no awareness under anaesthesia, and anaesthetic agent gas monitors. The department is also equipped with dedicated ultrasound machines for regional anesthesia and nerve blocks, intraoperative ultrasound scan, peripheral nerve stimulator for nerve block, bronchoscope for intubation, awake intubation for difficult airway scenario.

The department aspires to keep every patient pain free after surgery. The team has effectively adopted multimodal analgesia to enhance the recovery of patients and enable a faster return to a healthy life. The team uses advanced & straightforward nerve blocks and neuraxial blocks for providing effective pain relief if required. Patient safety and satisfaction are at the core of pain management with the use of microprocessor-controlled patient-controlled analgesia pumps for providing perioperative pain management.

The department of anaesthesia also provides anaesthesia and sedation services to:

Daycare procedures

Gastroenterology/Endoscopic procedures (Upper GI endoscopy, ERCP, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy)

24-hour support to the cardiology cath lab and state-of-the-art - biplanar hybrid cath lab (Angiogram, PTCA- cardiac stenting, EP study, complex cardiac catheterization)

CT/MRI suite – 3 Tesla and 1.5 Tesla.

Interventional radiology procedures

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