Surgery for snoring is a treatment of final resort and ought to just be considered if the basic non-surgical options have been attempted and failed. Before setting out on palatal surgery you ought to make certain that the snoring begins from the palate rather than the base of the tongue. If you have nasal irregularities these ought to likewise be tended to before thinking about palatal surgery. The point of palatal surgery is to diminish or stop the collapsibility of the oropharyngeal portion (region around the throat). This is normally done by decreasing the measure of delicate palate as well as evacuating the tonsils. Surgery is likewise embraced to evacuate the uvula. Our ENT specialists advocate sleep nasendoscopy before surgery is embraced to decide the level of issue. Here the patient is sedated to a condition of rest. The specialist can then inspect the upper airway route through a thin adaptable endoscope to see where the breaking down is happening.


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