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Epilepsy surgeries

Epilepsy surgeries Patients suffering from repeated attacks of seizures, not getting controlled by medications may need surgery to reduce the frequency of seizure or to cut down on the dose and number of medications. In order to achieve cure from epilepsy it is important to identify the exact focus from where the seizure is originating from the brain, this, generally requires multitude of tests and careful assessment by experts. At Aster RV we have the latest equipments in terms of EEG monitoring, 3 Tesla MRI, and facilities to perform video EEG, electrocorticography, stereotactic EEG, which greatly aides in decision making process and performing a successful surgery. Different surgeries available: Resective Surgery Lesionectomy Selective amygdalohippocampectomy Corticectomy Lobectomy (e.g. temporal lobectomy) Multilobar resection Disconnective/Palliative Surgery Hemispherectomy Corpus Callosotomy Multiple Subpial Transections Conditions treated Mesial temporal sclerosis Focal cortical dysplasia Lesions like ganglioglioma, DNET Congenital lesions causing seizures


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