Speech Language Pathology

Speech- Language and Swallow Rehabilitation focus across all age range at the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Aster CMI Hospital. The department has specialized services mainly focusing on the evaluation and treatment for neurorehabilitation of swallow, speech-language, cognitive-linguistic and communication disorders, rehabilitation of voice disorders including professional voice care and specialized treatment in pediatric speech and language disorders can be availed. Patients affected with neurological conditions like Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, Oro-pharyngeal cancer and Swallowing disorders can avail the services. The Speech-Language Pathologist assesses the condition and helps in treatment based on the patient’s needs.

Different disorders treated:

Delay in speech &language
Cleft lip &palate
Mental Retardation(MR)
Cerebral Palsy(CP)
Hearing Impairment(HI)
Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD)
Attention DeficitHyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
Learning Disability(LD)


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