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Single Incision Donar Nephrectomy

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What are the benefits of SIDN for living kidney donation? 

The benefits of SIDN include reduced post-operative pain, shorter recovery time, improved cosmesis with a single hidden incision, and potentially faster return to daily activities for the living kidney donor.

Will I need to make lifestyle changes after donating a kidney through SIDN?

In most cases, living kidney donors do not need to make significant lifestyle changes after donation. The remaining kidney typically compensates for the loss, and most donors can lead normal, healthy lives with one kidney. However, donors are encouraged to undergo regular health check-ups to monitor kidney function and overall health.

Can I still have a family after donating a kidney through SIDN?

Yes, donating a kidney should not affect your ability to have a family or cause infertility. However, it's essential to discuss any concerns about fertility with your transplant team.

Am I a candidate for SIDN?

Whether you are a candidate for SIDN will depend on various factors, including your overall health, anatomical considerations, and the transplant center's practices. The decision to proceed with SIDN is made after a thorough evaluation by a transplant team, which includes nephrologists, transplant surgeons, social workers, and psychologists.

How long will I be in the hospital after SIDN?

The length of the hospital stay after SIDN may vary, but donors typically stay in the hospital for a few days for observation and post-operative care

Will I be able to resume physical activities and exercise after SIDN?

Yes, donors are encouraged to gradually resume physical activities and exercise after the recovery period. The specific timeline for resuming activities will depend on individual healing and the surgeon's recommendations.


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