Scoliosis & Spinal Deformity Surgeries

Aster Centre for Spine Care offers advanced spine surgery for correction of spinal scoliosis – a condition in which the spine is curved abnormally.

Spine Surgery Procedures

Cranio Vertebral Junction & Cervical Spine Surgery
Re-alignment of atlanto-axial dislocation
Occipito-cervical fusion
C1-2 lateral mass / pedicle screw fusion
Modified Gallie’s fusion
Foramen magnum decompression in Chiari
Posterior cervical laminectomy
Fusion/cervical lateral mass fixation
Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion (ACDF)
Correction of cervico-thoracic kyphotic deformity
Cervical disc replacement
Cervical laminoplasty
Anterior cervical corpectomy & reconstruction
Dorsal Spine Surgeries
Anterior surgery: trans-thoracic /retroperitoneal
Dorsal Vertebral Column Resection (DVCR)
Dorsal laminectomy
Pedicle screw fixation
En-bloc resection for vertebral tumours
Lumbo-Sacral Surgery
Adult deformity surgery
Adult lumbar degenerative scoliosis surgery
Microlumbar discectomy
Tubular decompression for spinal stenosis
Posterior instrumented spinal fusion
Lumbar inter-body fusions TLIF/PLIF/ALIF/OLIF
Lumbar cortical screw fixation
Spine Deformity Surgery
Scoliosis correction
Kyphosis correction
Correction of sagittal and coronal plane imbalance
Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy (PSO)
Smith Peterson Osteotomy (SPO)
Vertebral Column Resection (VCR)

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