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Doctors at Aster CMI Hospital successfully performed a kidney transplant on a 10-yr-old, Dhanush M Poojari, who was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease (ESRD or kidney failure). Born out of second-degree consanguineous marriage, Dhanush had growth retardation but the condition was not evaluated. When he was 9, he started showing uremic symptoms like fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite muscle cramps, and vomiting with high blood pressure. He was found to have high creatinine with small kidneys and was diagnosed with end-stage renal dis-ease. He was then initiated on hemodialysis for the last year. Due to his young age, dialysis posed a significant impact on his general wellbeing and growth.

Seeing their son going through the suffering was heartbreaking. After obtaining clearance from the competent authorization committee, Dhanush’s mother 41-yr-old, Jayalakshmi, donated the kidney and saved her son’s life. Dhanush underwent renal transplantation on October 23, 2021, which lasted up to 6 hours under the supervision of Dr. Govardhan Reddy, Dr. Vidyashankar P, Dr. Shashank Shetty, Dr. Vinay Patil, Dr. Akila, and Dr. Abhishek.

Since Dhanush was only 10, the procedure was surgically challenging as his mother’s kidney had to be accommodated in a small child. Commenting on Paediatric kidney transplantation, Dr. Vidyashankar P, Lead Consultant – Nephrology, Aster CMI Hospital, said, “Chronic kidney disease in children is a major health concern. Although the condition is relatively uncommon in children, it can be a devastating illness with many long-term consequences. Children with CKD usually present late with bony deformities and stunted growth. 2 to 3 % of these children progress to end-stage renal disease. Pediatric renal transplantation is a lifesaving procedure for these children. Dialysis can cause interference with a child’s growth and development. Hence, transplantation opens the way for a near-normal childhood. Parents and grandparents are potential donors and success rates of pediatric transplantation are similar to those of adults.”

"In Dhanush’s case, he probably had a genetic cause for CKD as he was born out of second-degree consanguineous marriage. We counseled the parents and informed them that he needed a transplant for survival. His mother came forward to donate her kidney. She was then evaluated in detail and was found to be fit. She willingly donated her kidney to save her son. Dhanush was given immunosuppressant medications before and after transplant and he had an uneventful postoperative course and was discharged after 1 week", added Dr. Vidyashankar P and his team.

Thanking the doctors, Jayalakshmi said, "As a mother, it was unbearable to see my son in such condition. He could not attend a school or play with his peers. He disliked being on dialysis and always asked us when he will get better. By the grace of God, we met Dr. Vidyashankar and his team. He informed us a transplant is needed to sustain our son’s life. I donated my kidney. Both of us recovered well and now I can't be happier to see my son smiling again and leading a normal life. All of these were made possible through the care, support of doctors, nurses, and staff at Aster CMI Hospital. Thank you for giving my son a wonderful life again."