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Mr. Nafea Hussien from Iraq, who underwent TMJ Ankylosis and Facial Palsy treatment under the supervision of Dr Sathish M S Vasishta at Aster CMI Hospital Hebbal, Bangalore. I am Mr Nafea Hussein from Iraq from a town called Anbar. In 1990, I had undergone surgery for a tumour on my facial point. but the removal of the upper joint was a failure. Then I met Indian doctors in my city and they told me to come to Bangalore for surgery. In 2019 surgery was done to fix my facial point. I can see a big difference on my face and of 60-70% development right after the surgery. Dr Sathish M S Vasishta says he came with a deformed face with limited mouth opening. After careful diagnosis, we planned the treatment and also did facial palsy. Based on the CT scan, we did CT scan 3D models with which we got custom made implants to restore his facial angle and aesthetics In 3rd surgery, we created his chin, body and did his dynamic cheek lift to balance his face. After 3 months dental left will be done as he does not have support for his lips. This will help him come back to normal appearance. At Aster CMI, doctors and nursing staff are all very nice along with Dr Sathish. After surgery, I can see 80-85% improvement on my face. To all doctors and the nursing staff, I am very much Thankful.