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A child's smile brings joy to all those around them. For the parents of baby Rehan, a cleft palate seemed like a big obstacle. This is the story of Baby Rehan who was born with a cleft lip. His family lives in a village far from the city and far from any help. Rizwana Begam is a housewife and mother of Baby Rehan. This is the story of my Baby Rehan, says Rizwana. I was filled with joy and eagerly waiting for the moment I got to see my baby. Everything was perfect during pregnancy. After 9 months of the long wait, on 28th April 2018 happened the birth of my child. After a few hours when the doctor brought my baby to me. The baby was nothing like I was dreaming for the past 9 months. I could not accept that this was my baby. I was expecting a beautifully formed baby It was so hard for me that it took hours to accept that this baby is mine. This was the biggest shocking experience in my life. I was just angry at everything and I did not know how to react for many days. I struggled to overcome this unbearable pain. My heart was burning with many questions asking god why? why I am going through this pain. What wrong did my innocent baby do to deserve this? This battle in my life kept going for many months. I was losing hope day by day and I could not answer the people who were asking the questions and on the other hand, few family members tried to console me but everything failed. Myself Sher Ali khan (baby Rehan's father) currently I work at the marketplace for daily wages by lifting goods on my shoulders. When my child was born I used to work as a truck cleaner. I was away from home for many days as a father and husband due to responsibilities. I was not along with my wife during childbirth and came back after a week to see my newborn. As a father, my dreams were all shattered the moment I saw my child I could do nothing but cry and I was helpless. As a grandmother, we struggled for daily bread due to extreme poverty. I work at this age and none of us could make the money needed for surgery. But someone told us about a free medical camp at a nearby hospital and we went there and met them. They told they can help us. It was the biggest help that anyone can help us that anyone has offered us. All I have to give back is my blessing who is helping us. His family decided to travel to the city for surgery. The procedure will take place at Aster CMI Hospital in Bangalore. I am very nervous now and I believe that my child will get the best medical help, says Mr sher Ali khan - Father of baby Rehan. I don't know what to expect but I am very happy. I just want the best for my baby. Cleft surgery is a simple procedure that takes less than an hour and changes one's life forever. Everything was set for the surgery for the next day. The surgery was completed successfully and after the surgery, the child's parents are ready to see the transformed face for the first time. Meet the New Rehan! This is the 85th free cleft surgery by Aster CMI Hospital under Aster volunteer program. A simple surgery restored family dreams and long lost happiness. This is a miracle I can never ask for a better than this wonderful day. Thank you Aster CMI Hospital. Love without reason and Dr Satish. My life is filled with happiness again. Thank you, everyone, for showing love and kindness says, Mrs Sher Ali Khan. Thank you, everyone. You saved our family when there was nobody to help us says Mr Sher Ali Khan.