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Mr. Sunny, a successful businessman, encountered persistent pain in his right shoulder following a fall a few months back. Despite the passage of time, the pain exacerbated, impacting his daily activities. Seeking guidance, he turned to a relative in the medical field residing in the UK, who recommended consulting Dr. Vinod Kumar P, a highly regarded Consultant in Sports Orthopaedics & Arthroscopic Surgery at Aster Medcity.

Upon Mr. Sunny's consultation, Dr. Vinod meticulously examined the shoulder, considering the history of the fall and the subsequent worsening of pain. Based on the assessment, Dr. Vinod recommended an Arthroscopic Surgery as the optimal course of action to address the underlying issue.

Under Dr. Vinod's care and expertise, Mr. Sunny underwent the Arthroscopic Surgery at Aster Medcity. The surgery was successful, marking a turning point in Mr. Sunny's recovery journey. Following the procedure, Dr. Vinod provided comprehensive explanations regarding the investigations conducted, highlighting the diagnostic tests, imaging, and the detailed treatment plan implemented at Aster Medcity to ensure Mr. Sunny's swift recovery.

Dr. Vinod's dedication to precision, coupled with Aster Medcity's advanced facilities and tailored care, contributed to Mr. Sunny's complete relief from the persistent shoulder pain. Today, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Vinod and the medical team at Aster Medcity, Mr. Sunny has regained full functionality and is free from the discomfort that once hindered his daily life.

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