Aster Prime Hospital does not offer any sort of employment in exchange for payment of money for any purpose whatsoever. If you receive any similar kind of offer from anyone representing Aster Prime Hospital, please send an email with the intimation and related documents to [email protected].

People who fought cancer successfully usually cope with their diagnosis, treatment, and life with or after cancer in different ways. While some prefer to put their experiences behind them as much as possible, others choose to draw on them and get involved with cancer-related activities or causes.

CANSPIRE brings you inspirational stories of people who have helpful messages to share, whether their cancer was diagnosed just recently or long ago. For many who are facing a cancer diagnosis, or any other illness or hardship, hearing from others who've been through similar experiences can be a great source of comfort and support. We hope you will find as much inspiration in these stories as we have.

To share your stories with others through our initiative, WhatsApp CANSPIRE to 8138860606. Your story and message can be of great support to many others who currently fighting cancer.