Dr Rohit Udaya Prasad (Consultant - ENT & Cochlear Implant Surgery) shares an interesting case study of Cochlear Implant Surgery.

He talks about how they decided if the patient was an ideal candidate, the available cochlear implant devices and how this surgery has had such a wholesome and positive impact on not just the life of the patient, but also his family.

To know more about it, watch the full video!

Dr Rohit Udaya Prasad is a qualified Consultant-ENT & Cochlear implant surgeon registered under Karnataka Medical Council, India. Presently, he is working as an ENT & Cochlear implant Surgeon at Aster RV, Bengaluru.

He is the youngest Cochlear Implant surgeon to perform independent Cochlear implant surgery by VERIA technique at the age of 29.

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