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Aster Medcity Kochi launched Gastrointestinal (GI) Oncology Center to various gastrointestinal Cancers. Being the first of its kind in the state, the centre advocates a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to treat GI cancers which are on the rise in the state notably, especially colon and rectal cancers which have the second highest recorded incidence.

Developed jointly by Aster Center of Excellence for Gastroenterology and GI Surgery and Aster Center of Excellence for Oncology and Radiation Therapy, the multidisciplinary GI Centre offers a comprehensive and integrated approach in the treatment for a wide variety of these cancers in the best possible way. 
In brief, with better diagnostic facilities and early detection of these cancers often we pick up diseases at an early stage and for such early cases, one may be able to avoid surgery and or chemotherapy by endoscopic resection procedures like endoscopic submucosal dissection/ resection ( ESD/EMR). In the patient who presents little late an integrated approach with a combination of neoadjuvant chemo/radiotherapy with minimally invasive surgery approaches helps the patient to recover very quickly with minimum morbidity. Aster center of excellence for Gastroenterology and GI surgery join hands with Aster center of excellence for Oncology and Radiation therapy for most advanced care for these patients with GI cancers. 

The department of GI & HPB surgery at Aster offers Laparoscopy and Robotic surgery with excellence short- and long-term results in the surgical management of these patients. Over 1100 minimally invasive operations for colon and rectal cancer have recently been completed in the department with great short- and long-term outcomes. Aster center of Oncology and Radiation therapy offers state of the art facilities like Preoperative neoadjuvant therapy, targeted chemotherapy, IMRT and SBRT facility for precision radiation therapy. 

Our Experts

Aster Medcity provides advanced, comprehensive care for the early diagnoses to treat various Gastrointestinal Cancers.


From our top-notch diagnostic facilities to international treatment options, our primary focus is on providing our patients with optimum results. With our accurate and advanced diagnostic modalities, we facilitate earlier detection of the disease and thereby prevent the need for chemo or radiation therapy. 

  • Targeted Therapy 
  • IMRT
  • SBRT
What are the symptoms of stomach cancer?
  • Bloating
  • Pain in the stomach or abdomen
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sudden, unexplained weight loss
  • Indigestion, nausea, or vomiting
  • Blood in stool or vomit
  • Feeling full even after eating only a small amount
  • Blood in the urine
How is stomach cancer treated?

Treatment options vary greatly based on each patient’s specific condition, diagnosis, and type of cancer. Depending on these factors, we may recommend any of the following treatments:

  • Conventional Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
What are the causes of cancer?

A number of forces can cause gene mutations, such as smoking, radiation, viruses, cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens), obesity, hormones, chronic inflammation and a lack of exercise.

What is the best treatment for stomach cancer?

Treatment, including chemotherapy or radiation therapy, is considered palliative therapy. The main treatment is usually chemotherapy.


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