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Aster Seniors - An Age friendly initiative for prioritizing and fast-tracking hospital consultations, procedures and other services for senior citizens aged above seventy years. The aim of the program is to  ' Give them what they deserve, not just what they need'. Aster Seniors Program aims to deliver quality medical assistance to all elders, with all care and love at their convenience avoiding maximum delay. 

Indian Medical Association ( IMA) had created a framework for Age-Friendly Hospitals and Healthcare facilities to ensure quality services in geriatric care. Aster Medcity became the first hospital in India to implement these strict standards prescribed by IMA.

Through the Aster Seniors Program all elderly patients at the age of 70 and above are prioritized to avail fast track services across all centers of excellences, multi specialties, diagnostic and imaging services and other support services of Aster Medcity.
A separate registration counter and waiting area with elder friendly seating arrangements have been created near the main entrance of the hospital. Registration, Appointment booking, Billing for all services including medications can be done at the special counter itself.The OPD are is manned by a  Senior Care team comprising of one coordinator, two billing staff, five personal care assistants and two pharmacy staff. 

The Aster Senior Program is mainly focused on eliminating the wait times at various care management processes in the hospital. The Program emphasizes on developing strategies and process to ensure a smooth patient flow at units and services of the hospital by providing necessary resources and training to staffs.

Once the elderly patient arrives at the hospital they will be assisted by the staff at Main entrance to the Aster Senior Lounge for the process of registration.
The designated staff shall have accountability of the assigned patient’s movement to various departments and should be updated regularly by the respective staff receiving the patient in other areas of the hospital. At all times there is an identified staff who is in assistance to the patient.

Patients requiring wheel chair assistance shall be provided wheelchair from the main entrance/ Aster Senior Lounge.

An easily recognizable badge for identifying Aster Seniors will be given to patients above seventy years who desire to utilize the services. A telephonic helpline, functional during the daytime, has been established exclusively for elders. Aster seniors in association with Aster Home Care will also facilitate the delivery of healthcare services at home if required.



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