Child Life Services: Nurturing Emotional Well-being in Paediatric Hospital Care

by Dr. Sushma Gopalan

Introduction to Child Life Programs:

Child Life Programs are pivotal in pediatric hospital care, offering comprehensive support to children and their families. The hospitalization journey is challenging, filled with fear and uncertainty, affecting the entire family. Recognizing and addressing these emotions is crucial to prevent long-lasting effects.

Role of Child Life Specialists:

Child Life Specialists at Aster CMI Hospital play a key role in assisting children and families during hospitalization. They acknowledge the interconnectedness of physical and mental health, creating a safe space for expression and fostering coping skills that contribute to a sense of safety and trust.

Human Touch in Child Life Services:

In contrast to relying solely on gadgets for distraction, Child Life Services at Aster CMI Hospital introduces a human touch to interaction, understanding, and distraction. By addressing negative emotions, therapists aim to normalize the hospital experience, ensuring reduced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and promoting relief, joy, and satisfaction.

Alleviating Negative Emotions:

Therapeutic interventions provided by Child Life Services help alleviate negative emotions experienced by children during hospitalization. These services offer distraction through play, emotional support, educational processes, and counseling for families dealing with mental health challenges.

Multifaceted Role of Therapists:

Child Life Services Therapists play a multifaceted role, meeting a child's needs through engagement, providing coping strategies for families, and serving as advocates. This holistic approach benefits not only the children and families but also contributes to the efficiency of the healthcare system.

Positive Outcomes at Healthcare System Level:

At a broader healthcare system level, the mental health support provided by Child Life Services becomes a cornerstone for better patient and employee satisfaction. Positive outcomes include acceptance of medical procedures, improved staff efficiency, patient and family-centered care, and increased satisfaction.

Aster CMI Hospital's Child Life Services:

Focused on making children and families well-equipped to handle challenging times in a hospital setting, Child Life Services at Aster CMI stands as a beacon of emotional well-being in pediatric care. The commitment is evident in the hospital's approach to providing comprehensive and compassionate care.