Transforming Hospital Stays for Children: The Impact of Child Life Services

by Dr. Sushma Gopalan

What is child life services?

Hospitals, often seen as places of discomfort and anxiety, are being transformed into spaces of healing and hope, thanks to the innovative approach of Child Life Services. This initiative by Dr. Chetan Ginigeri, as experienced at Aster CMI Hospital, is changing the narrative of paediatric healthcare.

Child Life Services, a relatively new concept in India, focuses on the emotional and psychological well-being of children during hospital stays. Dr. Sushma Gopalan and her team, including specialists, have been pivotal in this transformation. Engaging children in activities and games creates a homely, less intimidating atmosphere. The effectiveness of this approach is best understood through the voices of those who have experienced it firsthand – the parents. One parent shared, " My child was overwhelmed with their interaction. During his worst times of pain and trauma, this group of people helped him overcome all this & put a smile on his face. " This sentiment echoes across numerous reviews, highlighting the team's ability to bring joy and distraction during challenging times.

The services extend beyond mere play. They are carefully crafted to cater to the psychological needs of young patients. Engaging in puzzles, chess, Uno, and various interactive sessions, children find a sense of normalcy and relief amidst their treatments. Parents note that their children, who usually dread hospital visits, eagerly await interactions with the Child Life Services team.

Impact of Child life services

The impact of Child Life Services at Aster CMI Hospital is a prime example of holistic healthcare. It's not just about treating the disease but also nurturing the young patient's mental and emotional health. The dedication of the staff, including notable mentions like Mr. Sachin Gaur, Laya, Christina, Elham, and others, has not only comforted the children but also provided immense relief to anxious parents.

As healthcare continues to evolve, the approach taken by Aster CMI Hospital's Child Life Services stands out as a ray of hope and comfort. It emphasises the importance of addressing the multifaceted needs of paediatric patients, ensuring that their hospital experience is as positive and healing as possible.
In conclusion, Child Life Services is more than just a department within a hospital. They are a sanctuary of care and compassion, fundamentally changing how children experience healthcare. As one parent aptly said, "Keep up your good work and bring a smile to all the children's faces."


Note: The names and experiences mentioned in the article are based on actual parent reviews. The emphasis on individual staff members like Dr. Sushma, Ms. Laya Honey, Ms. Christina, Mr. Sachin Gaur, and others is to acknowledge their remarkable contribution to this transformative service.