Stem Cell Regenerative Technique Gives A New Lease of Life to a 22-year-old Bangladeshi Boy With Avascular Necrosis

by Dr. J V Srinivas

A 22-year-old man named Ahmed (name changed) who is pursuing his Bachelors in Law from Bangladesh was diagnosed with a condition called Avascular necrosis of the right femoral head.

Avascular necrosis is a disorder that arises due to inadequate blood flow to the femoral head. The problem started a year ago when he complained that his right hip had intolerable continuous pain. The pain that went on for a year has not only affected his day-to-day activities but also his education and athletic career.

Avascular necrosis often affects young people and is most often caused by bone dislocation, fractures, alcoholism, and long-standing medicinal use of steroids. Although the exact reason for this condition is still unclear the most commonly affected area is the femoral head. As the head of the femur gets weakened gradually before the head finally collapses leading to extreme pain.

Ahmed was recommended to have a complete hip replacement in his hometown but was unwilling because of his age, limitation of his physical activities, and the possibility of repeat surgery. In Bangladesh, he was searching for other medical options but was unable to find other solutions in his homeland. He started searching for options online and got to learn about Aster RV hospital which is well-known as the Best Orthopaedic Hospital in Bangalore offering treatments of international standards.

When he visited the Aster RV Hospital with Avascular necrosis, our team had to look for various treatment options as he is young. For youngsters, there are limited options for treatment, where Hip Replacement is always the last option.

This is because, in the case of total hip replacement, the surgery may need to be performed after 15-20 years due to the implant's lifespan. Rather than that we have core decompression and vascular strut grafting, the success rates for these procedures are very low and this can limit the activities of the patient. Thus we chose to use Stem Cell which is a very new and unique technique.

Stem cells can regenerate the infected region, it is generally collected from the bone marrow and processed until concentrated young stem cells are produced. This is then directly injected onto the affected spot. In the case of Ahmed, bone marrow was harvested from his pelvic bone which was then injected into the infected area of the femoral head.

Since the application of stem cells is a non-invasive operation, the patient was discharged the very next day and can walk from the first day. Within 2 months Ahmed made a full recovery.

Ahmed, who is interested in athletics and other physical activities, said, "I have always been very engaged in class and even in sports. This one year was filled with unbearable pain. I am glad that the Aster RV hospital doctors thought so much and suggested a procedure that will serve me for a lifetime. I am grateful to the doctors for giving me a second lease of life.”

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