Know how you can reverse shoulder replacement

by Dr. J V Srinivas

Dr. J V Srinivas, Lead Consultant in Orthopaedics & Joint Surgery, recounts a challenging case involving reconstructive shoulder surgery for a 57-year-old female patient with a history of convulsions. The patient experienced severe shoulder pain and dislocation during a violent convulsive episode, necessitating urgent medical attention.

Upon admission to the hospital, the neurology department managed her convulsions and stabilized her condition before involving the orthopedic department. The assessment revealed extensive damage to the shoulder muscles, particularly the rotator cuff, due to the violent convulsions, rendering traditional repair inadequate. Considering the risk of postoperative convulsions affecting surgical success, a careful approach was crucial.

Dr. Srinivas details the unique procedure of reverse shoulder replacement due to the absence of intact rotator cuff muscles, making traditional replacements unsuitable. Despite the rarity and complexity of this surgery, the medical team proceeded with meticulous planning and performed the right reverse shoulder replacement successfully.

Post-surgery, the patient showed remarkable progress, being asymptomatic and swiftly engaging in rehabilitation under the guidance of physiotherapists. Dr. Srinivas encourages individuals with similar shoulder complications, especially those with rotator cuff deficiencies and instability, not to despair. He emphasizes that specialized procedures like reverse shoulder replacement, though rare, can restore normalcy and functionality to daily life.

To learn more about this case and the intricate details of the procedure, Dr. J V Srinivas invites viewers to watch the full video, shedding light on this exceptional and successful surgery at Aster RV Hospital, J P Nagar.