Covid-19 and Diabetes: Expert tips and diet plan

Posted on : Jul 13, 2021


Balanced and healthy nutrition is an important component of diabetes management in COVID-19. It is therefore important for people with diabetes to eat a varied and balanced diet to keep their blood glucose levels stable and enhance their immune system.

What To Eat in Diabetes:

• Choose lean proteins (eg. fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans after fully cooked).

• Eat green, leafy vegetables

• Eat fruits in two or three servings

• All cereals like rice, wheat, ragi, oats, jowar, maize, etc., may be eaten in moderate amounts and preferably in the coarse form, rather than refined / polished form.

• All pulses can be eaten and sprouts are the best to use.

• All vegetables can be included in the diet except underground vegetables. Underground vegetables like Carrot, Beetroot and Radish can be eaten as salads and, 50gms can be eaten once in a week after cooking.

• All fruits can be savored on daily basis with a 100-150gm portion in a day, provided you have a stable blood sugar control. Please note that fruits are to be eaten as whole fruits along with edible skin and not taken as fruit juices or milk shakes etc.

• Use skimmed milk (boil milk, cool it, remove cream; repeat this process two times) in limited amounts or as curd. Buttermilk can be consumed.

• Non-Vegetarian foods are best when lean portions are eaten; for instance, skinned out chicken, small fish, egg whites. Red meat and organ meats should be used sparingly.

• Moderate amounts of salt may be used in cooking but adding extra salt or using pickles / sauces / ketchups etc. is best avoided.

• Oil for cooking is important for health and should be used in proper amounts. Sunflower oil, Olive oil, Rice bran oil, Sesame seed oil, Ground nut oil are some healthy choices.

• There are some food items which may be consumed freely in – between meals as they are very low in calories but they can reduce the feeling of hunger and give a certain feeling of satiety. Eg. Clear soups, sprouts, salads, thinned buttermilk.

Sample Diet Plan for Diabetes in Covid-19

  • Early Morning

(Tea/ Coffee/Milk)

  • Breakfast

(Idly / Dosa/Upma/Wheat bread)

  • Midmorning Snack

(Sprouts/Fruits/Veg Salad/Veg Soup/buttermilk)

  • Lunch


  • Evening Snack

(Sprouts/Fruits/Veg Salad/Veg Soup/buttermilk)

  • Dinner

(Chapathi/Wheat Dosa/Rava Idli/Upma)

  • Bedtime


If you are still having problems with managing diabetes in covid -19, make sure to book an appointment at the best diabetes hospital in India for detailed instructions