The Fully Automated High Precision Robot

by Dr. Vijaya Mohan S

Aster Centre for Joint Replacement operates under Orthopaedics and Rheumatology promising the best results to patients using high-end robotic technology. Having performed 2500+ successful surgeries, Aster Centre for Joint Replacement is a leading centre for joint replacement surgery in India. With the most advanced and fully automated joint replacement surgery robot, surgeons ensure increased precision, reduced analgesics, shorter procedure times and faster recovery than traditional joint-replacement surgery.

Since our joints are a vital part of our body, we need them to properly function. When medications and other treatment measures cannot help you live your life to the fullest, your doctor may recommend joint-replacement surgery. An orthopaedic surgeon can help you to evaluate how a joint replacement surgery can benefit you. Your orthopaedician will assess your range of motion, the extent of the joint injury, strength, and stability. Most patients who are candidates for a conventional joint replacement can opt for Robotic surgery.

In a joint replacement surgery, your doctor will replace the damaged bone and cartilage with an artificial joint. Whereas in robotic joint surgery, an interactive robot provides the surgeon with real-time visual and tactile feedback to optimize precision and correct placement of the joint. So, near 100% accuracy in alignment and balancing is ensured, it also ensures minimal bone resection and soft tissue handling. Hence, robotic joint replacement surgeries offer faster recovery and better results.

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