Third Space Endoscopy At Aster Medcity

Posted on : Nov 17, 2023


"Kudos to Dr. Jeffey George, Dr. Ismail Siyad, and the Gastro Sciences Team for their outstanding workshop on Third Space Endoscopy at Aster Medcity on November 11th! The impactful session equipped six young Gastroenterologists in our state with valuable training in this innovative technique."

Third Space Endoscopy at Aster Medcity represents a cutting-edge approach to gastrointestinal health, revolutionizing the diagnostic and therapeutic landscape. Nestled within the world-class facilities of Aster Medcity, this specialized unit employs state-of-the-art technology and a team of skilled gastroenterologists to provide patients with advanced endoscopic procedures. The term "third space" refers to the potential of endoscopy to access areas beyond the traditional luminal spaces, allowing for precise visualization and intervention in challenging anatomical locations. This innovative approach enables the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as subepithelial lesions, achalasia, and other disorders that may not be fully addressed through conventional endoscopy. With a commitment to excellence, patient comfort, and personalized care, Third Space Endoscopy at Aster Medcity is at the forefront of enhancing diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic outcomes in the realm of gastroenterology.

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