Aster Ramesh Hospitals strike a new procedure in Gastroenterology in Andhra Pradesh

Posted on : Sep 09, 2023


Aster Ramesh Hospitals Senior Gastroenterologist, Dr.Bathini Rajesh, successfully performed 100 "POEM" procedures first in Andhra Pradesh.

Due to various reasons, some individuals may experience difficulty in swallowing food as food gets stuck in the food pipe. One of the causes for this condition is referred to as "Achalasia Cardia."

Dr. Rajesh explained that In Achalasia Cardia, food struggles to pass from the esophagus to the stomach, leading to a sensation of food getting stuck in the food pipe.Symptoms of Achalasia Cardia include the sensation of food or liquids getting stuck in the throat, chest pain, regurgitation, weight loss and heart burn. In cases where treatment is not done the condition may become extremely challenging to manage. He explained that Achalasia Cardia can affect people of all ages, including children, and individuals at any stage of life. He emphasized that anyone, regardless of their age, may be susceptible to this condition, making awareness and timely medical attention is crucial.He informed that there is a chance for this disease to occur in one out of a lakh people.

Recent advanced Endoscopic procedure called "Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM)" for Achalasia Cardia, which involves passing an endoscope through the mouth to correct the condition. Dr.Rajesh emphasized that this method is safe and effective better than surgical option. No incisions and sutures involved in this procedure and also shorter hospital stay.

In Andhra Pradesh, Aster Ramesh Hospitals is the only hospital successfully conducted *100 POEM* procedures for Achalasia Cardia patients aged between 9 to 72 years. Dr. Pothineni Ramesh Babu, the Managing Director of Aster Ramesh Hospitals, congratulated Dr. Rajesh for this accomplishment.He stated that with the availability of proficiency, experience, and modern medical equipment, such procedures can be successfully conducted, leading to positive outcomes.

On the 9th of this month, eight Gastroenterologists from across the country will participate in a live workshop conducted by Dr.Rajesh, to directly demonstrate such medical procedures, ensuring that the knowledge is conveyed effectively.

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