Historic Recovery at Aster MIMS, Nipah Patients, including a Paediatric Ventilator Case, Returns Home

Posted on : Oct 04, 2023


In a groundbreaking moment for medical history, Aster MIMS in Kozhikode (Calicut) celebrates the triumphant recovery of two Nipah patients, including a child who defied the odds of survival while on a ventilator. The nine-year-old boy and his 25-year-old uncle, both residents of Kuttiady Maruthonkara, Kozhikode who tragically lost a family member to Nipah, have been discharged after a remarkable two-week journey of resilience and medical expertise. The mother, who faced the devastating loss of her husband to Nipah, rejoices at the return of her critically ill son and her brother.

This unprecedented recovery marks the first instance globally where a person, initially treated on a ventilator post a severe Nipah attack, has successfully returned to life. The patients were discharged following consecutive negative test results received on Wednesday and last night, signaling their full recovery. Although discharged, health authorities have mandated a two-week home quarantine period as a precautionary measure.

The success in overcoming Nipah was the result of the concerted efforts of a dedicated medical team at Aster Mims, led by Dr. AS Anoop Kumar, Aster North Kerala Cluster Director, and Dr. K. Sathish Kumar, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Sijith, Senior Consultant in Pulmonology, played a crucial role in early diagnosis and effective communication with Kuttyadi Hospital, preventing the spread of the disease.

Dr. Suresh Kumar, Head of the Pediatric department, commended the nursing staff for their round-the-clock care, and Lukman P, Chief Operating Officer of Aster MIMS, highlighted the hospital's commitment to cover all medical expenses in accordance with the directive of Founder Chairman and Managing Director, - Aster DM Healthcare, Padma Shri Dr. Azad Moopen.

The child and his uncle were transferred to Aster MIMS on September 9 after their conditions worsened at a private hospital in Kuttyadi. Driven by suspicion of a serious infectious disease, effective communication and preparedness at Aster MIMS ensured swift action upon their arrival.

The child, in critical condition, was immediately admitted to the paediatric ICU under the leadership of Dr. Satish Kumar. Despite precarious moments on the ventilator, the child was successfully weaned off after four days of intensive treatment.

While nothing can fill the void left by the husband's demise, the family finds solace in the return of the child, awaited for eight years, and the uncle, restoring hope and joy to their lives.

Dr. Noufal Basheer MCC, Aster MIMS Deputy CMS, Dr. Vipin Viswanath- Head of Molecular Lab, Sheela Joseph- Cheif of Nursing Officer, Annamma Varghese- Head of Infection Controller Nursing and Dr. Jijin Jahangir representative of Emergency Team attended the press meet.

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