Can young people develop Diabetes ?

by Dr S Satish Kumar

Have you heard the myth that young people cannot develop diabetes? Contrary to popular belief, recent years have seen an increase in cases of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes among young adults. Join Dr. S. Satish Kumar and Dr. Akshatha Kamath as they debunk these misconceptions and provide valuable information on diabetes. Stay tuned with Aster Bangalore to stay informed about such myths.

A series of MythBusters about diabetes and endocrinology is launched by Drs. Satish and Akshata Kumar, leading endocrinologist and diabetologist. There are a few things that many of them mention. First, they claim to be youthful, active, and not to be junk food eaters, thus they argue that they cannot have diabetes. Previously, people believed that diabetes would only affect overweight, obese, elderly, and extremely wealthy individuals. Sadly, in recent years, type 2 and even type 1 diabetes have been observed to occur quite frequently in young, thin individuals who have been exercising regularly. This is primarily due to a number of factors.

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