Dispelling Myths About Special Diabetic Food Products: Insights from Dr. S. Satish Kumar and Dr. Akshatha Kamath

by Dr S Satish Kumar

Join Dr. S. Satish Kumar and Dr. Akshatha Kamath as they address common misconceptions surrounding special food products for diabetes and their effectiveness in lowering blood sugar levels.

In this informative session, our experts debunk myths and discuss dietary choices that can help manage blood sugar levels effectively. Whether it's special rice, wheat flour, or millet powder, Dr. Kumar and Dr. Kamath provide clarity on how these products may or may not impact blood sugar control.

Many patients often seek advice on dietary choices for diabetes management, with some relying on information from online sources or social media. However, our experts caution against solely trusting unverified information and emphasize the importance of consulting specialists for personalized advice.

Don't let misinformation dictate your dietary decisions. Consult our specialists at Aster RV Hospital for personalized guidance on managing diabetes through diet and lifestyle choices.

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