by Dr. M P Madhu

Dr. M. P. Madhu, an expert in Medical Gastroenterology at Aster RV Hospital, delves into the complexities of jaundice and its causes. At Aster, they often encounter patients who have already consulted multiple physicians before seeking help, sometimes arriving at a stage where treatment options are limited due to delayed intervention.

Jaundice isn't a singular condition; its onset can stem from various reasons. It's not solely an infective issue; rather, it could be triggered by diverse factors like blood disorders, primary liver problems, or obstruction in the bile flow from the liver.

The misconception that jaundice is always a straightforward issue needs to be dispelled. Dr. Madhu stresses the importance of consulting a gastrologist or a doctor to precisely diagnose the underlying cause of jaundice. Early identification of the root cause allows for timely treatment, potentially enhancing the patient's quality of life and, in certain cases, even saving lives.

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