Myths surrounding the care following C-Section

by Dr. Shivani Chandan L

Dr. Shivani Chandan (Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynaecology) at Aster RV Hospital, addresses common misconceptions surrounding post C-Section care. With her expertise and knowledge, she debunks myths that often lead to confusion and unnecessary anxiety among new mothers.

Watch the full video to gain valuable insights into the correct approach to post C-Section care!

Dr. Shivani Chandan L is one of the best gynaecologist in Bangalore at Aster RV Hospital. She is a clinician par excellence with sound knowledge in this field. She practices evidence-based medicine providing patient-centred care. Her expertise lies in the management of complex high-risk pregnancies, instrumental deliveries and vaginal birth after previous caesarean. She has worked in a busy tertiary care referral hospital gaining vast experience in dealing with complicated Obstetric cases associated with Heart disease, endocrine disorders, kidney disease, bleeding disorders requiring multidisciplinary inputs.

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