How Parents Should Prepare For A Vaccination Visit?

by Dr. Srinivasa Murthy C L

Dr. Srinivasa Murthy C L, one of the best pediatrician in Whitefield, Bangalore at Aster Women and Children Hospital, talks about how parents must prepare themselves for a vaccination visit.

Covid -19 Preparatory Guidelines

There are 3 parts to the vaccination visit.

  1. Before Visit
  2. During Visit
  3. After Visit

Before Covid- 19 Vaccination Visit

  • Before you leave your home for the vaccination, please make sure you read the vaccination chart provided to you during the first vaccination.
  • You must tell the doctor regarding your child’s allergies or if they have had fever or fits during the previous vaccination. Your doctor should be informed about your child’s history of infections. They may ask you questions if your child has suffered from severe cold, fever, etc.
  • Vaccination can be avoided if you child is suffering from severe immunodeficiency. We suggest you consult a best pediatrics doctor know more details.

During Covid -19 Vaccination Visit

  • Parents must discuss with doctor about the vaccines a baby will get during the visit and where the shots will be given. 
  • If there are any side effects of the vaccine, it is necessary to discuss it with the doctor.

After Covid -19 Vaccination Visit

  • Once the vaccine is given, please keep a record of it in the vaccination booklet. 
  • After vaccination, many babies tend to get a mild fever, sore arms, or legs, and on top of it, they may even feel uneasy. In such a situation, the doctor may suggest some medications. They may also suggest giving more fluid to your child.
  • Sometimes, you may even have to keep a cool, wet cloth on the injection site to avoid swelling or pain. 
  • In case if a child continues to cry for more than 3 hours, or is unresponsive, or gets fits, then you must immediate consult the doctor or rush to an emergency health care facility.

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