Crying During Infancy

by Dr. Srinivasa Murthy C L

Dr. Srinivasa Murthy C L, a Lead Pediatric Consultant at the best maternity hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore - Aster Women and Children, talks about things parents need to look after while their newborn baby’s cry.

Dr. Srinivasa highlights that infants cry during evening hours when their age is between 3 weeks to 3 months. This may extend to night hours and sometimes up to 2 to 3 AM.

Things to look after when your baby cries

  • Check their Diaper if they feel wet or dry. In case it feels moist, change it.
  • Your baby might be hungry, try feeding and check.
  • Babies in the womb are covered and feel secured but after birth they might feel insecure and start crying, ensure they are always swaddled with a cloth.
  • They may also cry is the room temperature is too cold or hot. Ensure babies are covered accordingly and adjust the temperature.
  • Infantile cooling, which happens during evening hours can also lead to babies crying during infancy. A doctor’s check-up during such cases is recommended.
  • Other problems like UTI, Cough, Jaundice, etc., can also make them cry.

If the above suggestions don’t help, we recommend you consult the best pediatrician and neonatologist in Whitefield, Bangalore. They understand better to diagnose the problem your baby is facing and will suggest a remedy.