Preparing For A Healthy Pregnancy: Essential Tips For Future Parents

by Dr. Kavitha Kovi

Essential Pregnancy Tips For Future Parents

Preparing for a healthy pregnancy is an important milestone for future parents. From preconception to pre-natal preparation, there are basic steps to follow for a successful pregnancy. It involves taking proactive measures to ensure that the wellbeing of both mother and the baby. Here are a few simple steps to prepare for a healthy pregnancy for the would-be mother.

1. Include healthy food in your diet

Instead of eating a heavy meal in one go, it is advisable to break the pregnancy diet into parts and eat at intervals. Five to six well-balanced meals consisting of food that are rich in folate and are from plant-based sources should be consumed across the length of a day. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, items like fortified cereals, asparagus, lentils, wheat germ, oranges, and orange juice are also beneficial for the health of both mother and child during pregnancy. While it is okay to indulge in cravings once in a while, one must take care not to overdo it and choose healthy pregnancy snacks to binge on.

2. Stay physically active

Light to moderate physical activities like swimming, yoga, and walking are considered beneficial for improving blood circulation, strengthening muscles, reducing stress and facilitating sleep. One can opt for pregnancy exercise classes or simply take slow-paced walks in shaded areas for 15 to 20 minutes every day. It is always advisable to consult with the doctor or take professional help before starting with exercises.

3. Take vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are infused with essential nutrients like folate, calcium, and iron which if consumed right from the onset of pregnancy can boost the development of the foetus’s neural tube that matures into the brain and the spinal cord. Prenatal vitamins are available over the counter at medicine stores, but it is advisable to get them prescribed by your doctor.

4. Learn about pregnancy

Attending childbirth classes is a great way to get acquainted with the multifaceted implications of pregnancy. Equipped with the knowledge of childbirth and infant care one may feel better prepared for delivery. The ambience of childbirth classes set the mood for a camaraderie between would-be mothers that provides an emotional bolster and makes it easier to voice personal concerns about pregnancy.

5. Significance of Kegels

Kegel exercises support the uterus and the bladder by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which when practiced during pregnancy can render the process of delivery smoother and help avoid incontinence issues through postpartum. It is a simple exercise that requires one to squeeze the bladder as one might to stop the flow of urine, hold the position for three seconds and relax.

6. Avoid harmful substance

Tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs can jeopardise the well-being of the foetus and endanger the process of childbirth. Toxins can be responsible for causing birth defects and developmental disabilities that are collectively known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FADs). Smoking for instance, can cut down the flow of oxygen to the placenta which may result in preterm birth and other complications. In case one is dealing with drug abuse and addiction, she is advised to seek professional medical help.

7. Stay hydrated

Pregnancy requires the blood to carry oxygen and essential nutrients to the baby through the placenta and carry waste and carbon dioxide away from it. This causes the blood volume to increase up to 50% which calls for more water intake on a daily basis. Apart from this, sustained hydration also prevents constipations, UTIs, haemorrhoids, fatigue, and digestive problems.

8. Take rest

It is crucial that plenty of rest and adequate sleep is a part of the pregnancy schedule. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is considered right during this time. One can try to develop hobbies and means of relaxation to spend to stay uplifted in spirit and mind. Listening to music, meditation, painting, and reading are soothing ways to relax and unwind.

9. Seek medical guidance

Regularly visit the gynaecologist for pre-natal check-ups and screening and necessary tests to monitor your health and baby’s development.


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