What Can We Do To Increase Chances Of Normal Delivery?

by Dr. Sandhya Rani

Every woman dreams of giving a natural birth. While beginning their journey, a first time to be  mother  is very excited and anxious and has several questions regarding a normal delivery. Normal delivery or vaginal delivery is preferred way to deliver a child, and has fewer complications compared to C-Section

By following the below mentioned steps you can increase your chances of a normal delivery -

Preparing for Childbirth

Normal delivery is no bed of roses and is associated with discomfort and pain.  While there are several pain relief options that are available,  child birth also requires mental strength. Therefore, it is critical for expectant mothers to attend prenatal or antenatal classes to physically and mentally prepare themselves for the process of childbirth. 


Exercising is an excellent way to strengthen your pelvic muscles and expectant mothers must start prenatal exercise unless advised otherwise by the doctor. Most of the recommended exercises are fairly easy and can be performed during the antenatal period. Contrary to the myth, these exercises do not increase your chances of an early delivery and instead focuses on increasing the range of motion and flexibility of pelvic muscles. 

It is advisable that before adopting a regime, one must consult their doctor for any specific do’s and don’ts related to the exercise. 


It is a myth that pregnant women need to eat for two people. Instead, they should consume small frequent meals to provide proper nourishment for their child. On the contrary, pregnant women must avoid eating too much wheat, rice, and sugar or gain excess weight as it leads to big-sized babies reducing the chance of normal delivery and can also increase the diabetes risk in the mother.

The Weight gain depends on women’s BMI in the pre-pregnancy stage. If Pre Pregnancy BMI is appropriate then weight gain during pregnancy can go up to 10-12kgs but for those who are obese or overweight, the weight gain during pregnancy is restricted to 7-8kgs.

Importance of support from birthing partner 

For expectant mothers, presence of a supportive birthing partner can be a morale booster and therefore doctors always suggest the partner to be present inside the labour room.  At the time of the delivery the birthing partner can encourage the mother to relax, focus on breathing and can assist in delivery exercises. 

Educate Yourself

Educating oneself can help in clarifying doubts and will enable you to make more informed decisions.  It is critical for expecting couples to discuss all their doubts with their gynecologists, visit and familiarize with the hospital staff, space and the facilities to navigate and manage the situation more confidently. 

It is important to note that motherhood is once in a lifetime experience and couples must enjoy it to the fullest. Everyone has a different pregnancy and labour experience and therefore one should avoid comparing themselves with others.  

Maintaining a journal on the important things and having a birthing plan can help you remain positive and avoid stress and panic during tense situations.

Wishing all of you a safe birthing experience!

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