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Health and fitness tips by expert doctors 

Alcohol18August 2023

Alcohol and Heart Health: Facts vs Fiction

The human heart is a fist-sized organ located in the chest that pumps blood throughout the body. A critical organ known for good health and…

Difference Between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest
Difference Between Heart Attack and Cardiac A...
Heart Attack Vs Cardiac Arrest: How Are They Different? Heart Attack and Cardia...
21 July 2023
Heart Healthy and Happy
5 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Happy
5 Tips to Boost Heart Health The human body is a complex mix of nerves, tissues...
21 July 2023
heart attack at a young age
The Co-Relation Between Depression And Heart ...
Are Depression And Heart Disease Linked?  Depression and heart disease are two...
11 July 2023

Haemorrhoids - Symptoms and Pr...
How can you avoid Haemorrhoids? There are several different treatments available if you h...
Dr. Devaraj T V 14 June 2023
The GERD Diet : Foods that can...
It's very uncommon to experience acid reflux (heartburn) every now and again, but some peo...
Dr. Sabu K G 14 June 2023


Special camps, health days & celebrations

25January 2021

Padmasree, Chairman Mr. Azad Moopen inaugurated renovated Press Club, Kannur.

Sishna Anand
Ms Sishna Anand is perhaps more known as the “Helen Keller of Kannur” - and righ...
25 January 2021
Annual Meeting Kannur
Annual meeting of the Kerala Chapter of Resea...
The annual meeting of the Kerala Chapter of Research Society for Study of Diabet...
25 January 2021
Flood Relief Activity
Active in flood relief activities
Aster volunteers were able to become active in flood relief activities in the ar...
25 January 2021

Kannur Airport Launch
kannur airport launch aster mims
Kannur Airport Launch
On 9th Dec 2019 Kannur launched its first international airport. We Aster MIMS Kannur welc...
Aster-dm-healthcare 25 January 2021
icds awareness internal medicine aster mims kannur
In association with ICDS and Grihalaksmi Vedi Kannur, Aster MIMS conducted an awareness ta...
Aster-dm-healthcare 25 January 2021
Pink Clinic
cancer prevention womens pink clinic aster mims kannur
Pink Clinic
Aster MIMS Kannur inaugurated the preventive oncology with North Kerala’s first Comprehens...
Aster-dm-healthcare 25 January 2021


Latest news & happenings at Aster Hospitals - India

aster hospitals free surgeries second life20November 2021

Launched on the occasion of Children’s Day in India, as a part of Aster Volunteers Global CSR