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Child Specialist in Bangalore

Dr. Sushma Gopalan

Child Psychologist - Child Life Specialist

PhD, MA (Psychology), MSc (BT), PGDMH, (PGDCRL)
English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada

Dr. Sushma Gopalan pioneers and leads the Child Life Services Team. The bigger vision of this first in India- a unique program is to bridge the gap between physical health and mental health. This visualization realizes itself with its mission of providing every child who comes to the hospital with psycho-social care for their wellbeing, whilst they undergo lifesaving treatment. Hand-holding caregivers through procedures and emotional upheaval is imperative in the mission. Dr. Sushma believes that her vision and mission are critical in sustaining positive well-being in challenging situations.

Dr. Sushma is a well-experienced Counselling and Clinical Child psychologist. She has completed her Doctorate programme in Clinical Psychology and holds a double Master’s degree in Genetics and Counselling Psychology. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health, is Certified in Guidance and Counselling and child development, is a certified Gatekeeper in Suicide Prevention, and is a Life Skills Trainer.

Dr. Sushma brings her vast knowledge and skills in a wide range of domains which makes her approach comprehensive and evidence-based.

Area of expertise
  1. Management of emergency, and trauma cases in the Pediatric ICU by providing brief solution-focused strategies for mental distress, and hospital-related fears, and building emotional resilience in children and their families while admitted for cancer, bone marrow treatments, and other conditions.
  2. Providing mental health support to children and families by educating, preparing, and supporting them through their hospitalisation, difficult tests, and procedures related to chronic or acute illness. Also, support the special needs of children and their families, and devise plans that provide children and families with opportunities to engage in normal play and recreational activities that promote growth, development, and feelings of success and fulfillment.
  3. Supervision of children in IPD and OPD dealing with somatic disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and other challenges along with providing family support and therapy.
  4. Conducting psychological assessments for children and adults which include personality tests, IQ tests, Screening for Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Suicidal Ideation, Marital compatibility, Family index, Postpartum Depression, and a wide range of clinical rating scales.
  5. Handling issues associated with grief, trauma, bereavement, PTSD, and PPD in addition to depression, stress, anxiety, adolescent stressors, suicidal ideation, self-harm, body image issues, substance abuse, addiction, and somatic disorders.
  6. Providing therapy for various psychological issues by incorporating Talk Therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Supportive psychotherapy, Play Therapy, and Mindfulness therapy along with Relaxation Techniques.
  7. Steering family and group therapies to mediate chaotic relationships, bring insight, and lead to a harmonious environment.
  8. Child and family counseling, planning, interventions, and implementation of coping strategies for families to function better as a unit, especially in cases of families with special needs children or family discord.
Awards and recognitions
  1. 2024 scholarship winner from the Association of Child Life Professionals, USA, including membership.
  2. Affiliated Member of ICANCL (Indian Child Abuse, Neglect and Child Labour)
  3. Active involvement in conducting workshops for children, siblings, parents, families and teachers reinforces the current challenges being faced.
  4. Member of Indian Counselling Association.
  5. Trained and Certified in Essential Child and Adolescent Mental Health Interventions and Psychosocial care for Mental Health Service Providers in Secondary and Tertiary Care from SAMVAD, NIMHANS.
  6. Been a part of screening camps for the Mentally challenged across different states of Tamil Nadu as part of the Professional Applied Psychologists Association.
  7. An active participant in the National Workshop on Saach – A Truth, which focussed on Forensics and Lie Detection as a reliable tool in Corporate investigations and interrogations.
  8. One of the keynote speakers in ISRO for a talk on the Mental Health of defence personnel.

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