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Critical Care Specialist

Dr. Ajith Kumar A K

Lead Consultant - Critical Care

English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, German, Bangla and Oriya

Dr. Ajith Kumar passed MBBS from Government Medical College, Calicut (Kerala) in 1991, and, cleared MD (Chest Diseases) from the prestigious Seth GS Medical College and King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital; Mumbai in 1996. Dr. Ajith Kumar Subsequently worked as Senior Registrar at JIPMER Pondicherry from 1998 to 2001 and cleared the DNB (respiratory disease). Dr. Kumar has also worked as an ICU Registrar at the Frankston and Western Hospitals in Melbourne (Australia) from 2004 to 2006 and was an international Honorary Doctor at the Alfred. Dr. Kumar passed the European Diploma in Intensive Care (EDIC) exam in 2006; and received the FICCM (Fellow of the Indian College of Critical Care Medicine). Fellowship in Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (FIECMO) was obtained in 2019 from the Simulation Society in addition to a fellowship from ELSO.

Dr. Ajith Kumar is a well-renowned Critical Care specialist in this country consistently involved in teaching and training critical care physicians/nurses/paramedics at the various national conferences/CMEs across the states. He has been an invited reviewer in various national/international journals, & published numerous articles including invited editorials/comments in reputed journals. He has been a teacher& examiner of various critical care courses across India (FNB, IDCCM, IFCCM, IDCCN).

Area of expertise
  • Critical Care Medicine & Pulmonology
  • Fiber-Optic Bronchoscopy, ECHO/ULTRASOUND.
Awards and recognitions
  • Secretary - Elect (2023-2024): Indian College of Critical Care Medicine.
  • Past Accreditation Secretary, Indian College of Critical Care Medicine.
  • Past Chairman: Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, Bangalore Chapter.
  • Current Treasurer: Association of Medical Consultants, Bangalore Chapter.
  • Editor, STATPEARLS medical database (USA); Editor, Journal of Acute Care.
  • Invited Reviewer: Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, Lancet -ID, Canadian Journal of Infectious.
  • Diseases and Medical Microbiology, E Clinical Medicine BMC Pulmonary Medicine, Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology.
  • Presidential Citation Awards: 2015 &2023 from ISCCM President.
  • Accredited Teacher: DNB & FNB, IDCCM, IFCCM, IDCCN courses in critical care.
  • Examiner: FNB, IDCCM, IFCCM and IDCCN.

Paper Published

  • Co-Authored a chapter titled “Renal Replacement Therapy: What, When &How” in Criticon22 Update book “Critical Care Medicine: Bench to Bedside” (ISBN 978-93-5465-889-1).
  • Co-Authored a chapter titled “Pathogenesis of COVID-19” in “CRITICAL CARE & COVID-19 A COMPENDIUM “published by Critical Care Foundation and Agra ISCCM.
  • Co-Authored a chapter on “Are steroids interchangeable” at the Critical care Update 2022 book published by ISCCM (Jaypee publishers).
  • Co-authored a major article titled “Comparison of knowledge and awareness of infection control practices among nurses in India: a cross-sectional survey was published in the American Journal of Infection Control on 15th Feb 2022 (
  • Invited editorial comments titled “Mortality during COVID-19 pandemic: the blind spots in statistics” was published in Lancet ID in December 2021(PMID:34953535).
  • Invited Editorial on “Mortality prediction in the ICU: the daunting task of predicting the unpredictable was published online first in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine in January 2022.(PMID:35110837).
  • Authored a chapter on the pathophysiology of Asthma in the “Clinical Allergy and Asthma Management in Adolescents and Young Adults” book. eBook ISBN:9781003125785/ISBN 9780367646776(hard back) (Taylor and Francis international publishers).
  • A Rare Case of Fetal Gas Gangrene Following Premature Rupture of Membranes in the Second Trimester Diagnosed with the Aid of Computed Tomography” was published in Journal of Obstetric Anaesthesia and Critical Care (Journal of Obstetric Anaesthesia and Critical Care | Volume 12 | Issue 1 | January-June 2022 71).
  • Is the editor & chapter author of the book titled “Handbook on Complete COVID-19 care” published in November 2021(ISBN 978-81-952832-0-0) by KSG publications.
  • A letter to the editor titled “ Ventilator Associated Pneumonia and Lung Ultrasound: Finally, what is between the ears matters” was published in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, Volume 25 Issue 9 (September 2021).
  • An article titled “Variation in therapeutic strategies for the management of severe COVID-19 in India- A nationwide cross-sectional survey” was published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice J Clin Pract2021 Jun 25; e14574. doi: 10.1111/ijcp.14574.Online ahead of Print (PMID:34171154).
  • Is the editor & chapter author of the book titled “1000 MCQs in Intensive Care” published in May 2021(ISBN 978-81-952832-3-1) by KSG  publications.
  • An original research paper has been co-authored on “Online Fellowship Exit Examination During the COVID-19 Pandemic has been published in Global Bioethics Enquiry Journal (scholarly publication of UNESCO chair of Bioethics) issue 8(3) December 2020.
  • An invited editorial titled “Adrenomedullin in sepsis: Finally, a friend or enemy was published in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, volume 24, Issue 12 (December 2020) PMID:33446960.
  • Six peer-reviewed & Pubmed indexed Review articles were authored in StatPearls publishing LLC (www., medical database, USA) and another 3 Pubmed indexed articles were edited in the same. The authored articles include Herpes simplex encephalitis (PMID:32491575), Rhino-orbital cerebral mucormycosis (PMID:32491361), Lymphangitic carcinomatosis (PMID:32809756), Post intubation laryngeal oedema (PMID:32809644), Tracheo-bronchial tear (PMID:32809735) and Ventilator Induced Lung Injury(PMID:33085391) The edited articles include Hypoplastic Lung Disease (PMID:32965810) and High-Frequency Ventilation (PMID:33085298) and Fever in the Intensive Care Patient(PMID:34033345).
  • A letter to the editor titled “Is Anxiety a Rising Concern during COVID-19 Pandemic among Healthcare Workers? was co-authored in Indian J Crit Care Med. 2020 May; 24(5): 369–370. doi:10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23434.
  • A Review article on Biomarkers in sepsis was co-authored in Pulmon Journal Vol. 22, Number 1, (Jan - Apr) 2020 ISSN 0973 - 3809.
  • A Special article titled “Covid-19 Pandemic: Let’s gear up for the heavy battle” was published in Pulmon Journal Vol. 22, Number 1, (Jan - Apr) 2020 ISSN 0973 - 3809.
  • Authored a chapter "Switch over from or Termination of Continous Renal  Replacement Therapy" in ISCCM Manual of RRT &ECMO in ICU (A  reference book for practising intensivists) published in 2020 by Jaypee  Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. (ISBN 978-93-89587-99-9).
  • A case report titled “Trans Mesenteric Hernia in Peripartum Patient: An Unusual Diagnosis” was published Indian Journal of Case Reports (online first) Volume 6, Issue 2 February 2020. The same article is being published as a chapter in the book titled Highlights on Medicine and Medical Research(
  • Co-authored a chapter titled “ECMO in adults: where do we stand currently”  in the Respiratory Update book released in connection with NAPCON 2019 in  Kochi (Kerala, India).
  • A case report titled "Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in a patient with snake bite "has been published in the Indian Journal of Case Reports: 2019;28- June (Epub ahead of print).
  • Was an invited lead author in the chapter on "How to create an ICU checklist manifesto? (chapter 46, section 4) in Critical Care Update 2019 book (Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, ISBN 978- 93-5270-910-6 released during the 25th annual congress of ISCCM (criticare2019) held in Mumbai in Jan-Feb 2019.
  • A case report titled "Abernethy malformation: A rare presentation in the elderly "has been published in the Indian Journal of Case Reports in October 2018(Online first).
  • An invited editorial titled "Deadly Nipah Outbreak in Kerala: Lessons Learned for the Future" has been published in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine (volume 22, issue 7, July 2018).
  • Was the invited lead contributor &lead author on the gastrointestinal system section in the Review Coursebook (ISCCM, Pune) Critical Care MCQs: Practice Book (Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, ISBN 978- 93-86261-01-4) released during Best of Brussels in July 2018.
  • A report on "Pulmonary Nocardiosis: under-diagnosed respiratory opportunistic infection- a case report” has been published in the Radiology of Infectious Diseases Journal (Volume 4, issue 4, December 2017).
  • A manuscript titled 'Acute life-threatening limb ischemia from Common femoral artery thrombosis following total hip arthroplasty surgery: A rare complication' has been published by the Indian Journal of Anesthesia (Issue 1, volume 16, Page 83- 84,2017).
  • A comment on “Resuscitation in Intensive Care Unit: choosing the right fluid was published in the National Medical Journal of India (Volume 25, No.6 November/December 2012).
  • A case report on Metabolic stridor has been published in the Critical Care and Resuscitation journal of Australia (Critical Care and Resuscitation) 2004;6: 277-279.
  • A free Paper titled “Molecular Diagnostic Techniques in the Management of Cancer Patients with Sepsis” was presented on 02-03-2013 at the International Critical Care Congress held in Kolkotta (India).
  • Another free paper titled “ARDS-A Kerala Experience “ was presented at the International Critical Care Congress held in Jaipur (India)in Feb 2003.
  • Co-authored a presentation “Pulmonary Strongyloidosis” at the NAPCON conference in Coimbatore (Nov.2003).
  • A case report on ’Dermatomyositis with interstitial lung disease” is published in the journal” Pulmon” Volume-3, No-3, 2001 of the Academy of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.
  • A review paper and case report on acute pulmonary thromboembolism is 4. published in the journal “Pulmon”, Volume-3, No-3,2001.
  • A case report on Intratracheal ganglioneuroma was presented at the annual meeting of APCCM on 05-05-02.
  • A review article on ’Brain death” was in published in the Pulmon journal of APCCM (VOLUME 4, No 1, 2002).
  • A case report titled “An interesting difficult to wean patient” was published in Pulmon journal, Volume 5, Number2,2003.
  • An article titled “Open lung Concept: A new ventilatory Strategy in  ARDS” is published in the “Pulmon” journal in Feb 2003.
  • An editorial on “Critical illness polyneuropathy” was published in the “Pulmon” journal in 2005.
  • Co-authored an article on “Management of Drug Resistance in Tuberculosis” in BIOMED Magazine vol.4, No.3, Jan-Feb’1997.
  • An article titled “X-ray chest in the ICU” was published in the "Pulmon" Journal No.2, Volume 7 in (May-August 2005).
  • Another article on “Antibiotic resistance in the ICU: Another fatal concern” was published in the Pulmon journal in April 2007.


  • Member, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ARAY 160501).
  • Ex-Member, Society of Critical Care Medicine USA (205809).
  • Life member, Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (01/K-162).
  • Life member, Indian Medical Association (KRL/0/19/769/0/SM/3622).
  • Life member, Association of Physicians in India (23/L13501).
  • Life member, Association of Physicians Karnataka chapter(L-652).
  • Life member, Academy of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (LM/122).
  • Life Member, Association of Medical Consultants (BAN/LM/A/0008).

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