Aster CMI doctors successfully remove an enormous 8+ kg tumour hanging on the face of a 31-year-old patient

Posted on : Jan 29, 2022


17 years later, Odisha man with 8+kg facial tumor gets respite after Aster CMI doctors successfully perform complex surgeries. The patient underwent sixteen surgical procedures over six months to get rid of the tumor.
For 31-year-old Manbodh Bagh from Titilagarh, Odisha, life was not easy as he had been suffering from a rare condition, plexiform neurofibroma, a benign tumor of the peripheral nerves since childhood. As a result of this condition, he developed a tumor on his face, and it grew as he aged. The tumor was massive, weighing 8+kg and was a bulky mass drooping from the right side of his face. He faced humiliation from several people due to his looks and had visited multiple hospitals earlier for partial resection of the tumor. However, he was denied surgery as his chance of survival was bleak if they had gone ahead with his surgery due to the risk of torrential bleeding. At a major hospital in Odisha, his case was reviewed, surgery was attempted and was later abandoned due to uncontrolled bleeding. 
Manbodh’s condition became his source of misery and he desperately wanted to get rid of it. His hope soon arrived in the form of few well-wishers, the Newslions Media Network Pvt Ltd facilitated the treatment along with Milaap through a crowdfunding effort to provide him this life-changing surgery of multiple sittings. Post this, he visited Aster CMI Hospital in Bangalore for treatment where his condition was evaluated carefully, and his case subsequently accepted. 
Manbodh had to undergo 16 different surgical procedures over a period of six months to get rid of the tumor by a team of doctors at Aster CMI, involving neurosurgery, plastic surgery, oncology, ENT, neuro-anaesthesia and ophthalmology, amongst the various departments, headed by Dr. Ravi Gopal Varma, Lead Consultant - Neurosurgery & Chief of Neurosciences; Dr. Madhusudan G, Lead and Senior Consultant - Plastic Surgery; Dr. Sathish M S Vasishta, Consultant - Craniomaxillofacial Surgery;  Dr. Ravindra Battu, Sr. Consultant Ophthalmology; Dr. Raghavendra Pai K, Lead Consultant – Neuroanaesthesia; Dr. Girish G, Consultant - Surgical Oncology; Dr. Santhosh N U, Consultant - Neurosurgery & Endovascular Neurosurgery and Dr. Nirmala S, Consultant - Neurosurgery and a team of other doctors and surgeons.