Public Agrees that Aster CMI is one of the best Multi Specialty Hospital

Posted on : Feb 26, 2017


Aster CMI Bangalore is fasting climbing the ranks to become the best multi-specialty hospital in the city. In a recent survey conducted by the Times of India, Aster CMI has consistently ranked among the top five hospitals in Bangalore over multiple disciplines.

To gain such recognition so fast has been an unprecedented event for any hospital. Aster CMI’s Centers of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Gastroenterology, Urology and Nephrology, has already ranked among the top five in Bangalore within the year of being operational.

On the national and regional (southern) level, too, Aster CMI has been featured among the top 20 and top 15 hospitals respectively.

Aster CMI’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Cardiac Sciences is ranked third best cardiac sciences department in the entire southern region, and ranks twelfth on the national listing.

Similarly, Aster CMI’s Centers of Excellence for Gastroenterology and Nephrology are a close third in Bangalore. The Nephrology CoE is among the top six within southern India, while the CoE for Gastroenterology is among the top 11.

The Neurosciences and Urology departments of Aster CMI, too, feature among the top five in Bangalore.

Aster CMI is the epitome of advanced modern healthcare, and is dedicated to bringing world-class  medical care to India. The hospital aims to provide medical care in accordance with the best practices in healthcare world over.

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