Aster Medcity Converts Jail of Freedom Struggle into Field Hospital for Cochin Carnival

Posted on : Jan 23, 2024


In a pioneering move to ensure the safety of attendees at the Cochin Carnival, Aster Medcity has transformed historic British jail near Parade ground also known as Jail of Freedom Struggle into a fully-equipped field hospital with an emergency team. This strategic initiative aims to prevent medical emergencies during the New Year celebrations, addressing challenges experienced in previous years due to crowd control and inadequate medical services.

As the official medical partner for the Cochin Carnival, Aster Medcity collaborated with the Government Disaster Management team, recognizing the potential for critical situations during the festive event.

Aster Medcity’s innovative approach involves designating two of the eight jail rooms as resuscitation units to provide immediate care for potentially life-threatening emergencies. The remaining space will cater to casualties, offering a range of medical services within the converted facility. The field hospital will operate from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am on the day of the carnival, strategically placing the medical team at the main stage to reach attendees directly from the emergency point.

To further enhance the efficiency of emergency response, Aster Medcity, in collaboration with the police, has established a Triage point—an elevated platform at the Carnival ground next to the police control room. This point will provide immediate medical attention to individuals, and those requiring more complex care will be transported to major hospitals.