Aster Medcity Gives A New Lease Of Life To A 27-Year-Old Woman From Lakshadweep

Posted on : Nov 09, 2022


A 27-year-old woman from Lakshadweep, was in a near state of starvation due to a swallowing difficulty for almost 21 years. In laymans parlance, there was a block in her food pipe, medically the condition is called Achalasia Cardia. Marjana is finally on the road to recovery after undergoing a novel procedure called Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) at #Astermedcity, Kochi. Her agony of 21 years was terminated in a procedure that took just 90 minutes to complete. A better nourished Marjana, was discharged on the third day after an uneventful post recovery phase . Marjana, daughter of Kunjikkoya and Kunjabee hails from Amini island in Lakshadweep will return to her hometown by the end of the month.

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