Aster Medcity launches Birth Injury Clinic

Posted on : Jul 12, 2021


Kochi: Aster Medcity has launched a special clinic for treating injuries during the birth process. Ambili Vijayaraghavan, COO, Aster Medcity, inaugurated the clinic in a function organised at the hospital. According to the doctors, birth injuries are not uncommon and injuries to bone and neuro and muscular system constitute majority of them. They observed that early detection and effective intervention is the best practice to prevent and lessen future deformities and disabilities.

The birth injury clinic with state-of-the-art facilities has an expert panel of orthopaedics doctors for managing birth injury cases. The team consists of Lead Consultant Dr. Vijayamohan, Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultant Dr. Cherry Cherian Kovoor, Paediatric Orthopedic specialist Dr. Samarth Manjunath, Hand and Micro Surgery Consultant Dr. Binoy P. S. and Orthopaedic Anaesthetist Dr. Aril Abraham.

The specialty clinic will function every Saturday and the services of the experts will be available 24 X 7 at Aster Medcty. With this, Aster Orthopaedic and Rheumatology Department has become the first center in Kerala to provide expert service in all domains of bone and joint health through specialists in all branches of orthopaedics